Monday, February 8, 2010

Temporary Tattoos-Fake Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos-Fake Tattoos

Why are people fond of tattoos? It's a question that is intriguing to most. There is a speculation that getting tattoos are addictive and if you have tried one, you will be coming back for more. So with everything said and done on how people get into the tattoo hype, would Fake tattoos be able to replace the essence of having a tattoo?

Fake tattoos are forms or ways of mimicking the real tattoo. Having an artist draw on your skin using removable ink is a way fake tattoos are implemented.

The Tattoo Sleeves

Has anyone heard of this? A sleeved tattoo? Well yes, it exists and its just like the real thing. These tattoos are created similar to a stocking where people can just wear them either on their legs or their arms. These fake tattoos are designed to cover the full arm where it will seem that you got a tattoo all over and for sure everyone will be talking about you.

Having a tattoo is great, since it promotes art. And these tattoo sleeves definitely promotes art and culture. Why? Because for one, it can penetrate the mainstream where great art can be displayed. Two, the sleeve is the artist's canvass, its just up to the artist how to demonstrate his great talent on it.

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