Sunday, November 20, 2011

Display Your Strength With Eagle Tattoos

Eagles are counted among the birds of strength with strong talon that soars high in the sky and possess keen eyesight. The images of eagles hold an important position in history also. They appeared in various emblems of the past history in many different lands and their importance have been mentioned in different historical events of the past. For instance in Native American cultures, the free-spirited eagle are deeply profoundly honored and their feathers were also given importance. They were often given as a sign of pride, security or friendship. Even in ancient Greece eagle was worshiped as it was thought to have some association with the god Sun. You can also find the name of the eagle has been mentioned in the Norse mythology. It had some association with the god Odin, who represented wisdom.

Eagle tattoos are unique in themselves and it can be also done in many different creative ways and just about anywhere on the body but still the most common area for this type of tattoo is the upper arm, followed by the shoulders, and the upper and lower back areas. Eagle tattoos whether it is with spread wings or roosting position are really eye-catching. The most important feature of eagle tattoo is its feather.

So if the tattoo is done on a large area with spread wings where every details of the wing are clearly visible provides the eagle tattoo with a realistic appearance. The back is a great location for eagle tattoo with their wings fully spread as if in flight. You can also ink your back with another popular swooping pose of an eagle. This swooping poses of the eagle targeting its prey with sharp talons is really mind blowing, and of course the internet and many tattoo shops are full of images of the majestic eagle in varying poses.

Small eagle tattoos featuring only the head of the bird can be inked on the leg or armbands, or can be incorporated into another design. There are many tattoo shops and websites that will provide you with varying poses of eagle.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Libra Tattoos on Your Skin

Visiting the tattoos centre and ask the man works there to give you some great tattoos on your body is something good to do. Many people love to have some unique tattoos on their body to add the confidence on themselves. You do not need to worry about the kinds of tattoos that you can choose because there are many kinds of tattoos are available as your inspiration.

Visiting the tattoos center and ask the man works there to give you some great tattoos on your body is something good to do. Many people love to have some unique tattoos on their body to add the confidence on themselves. You do not need to worry about the kinds of tattoos that you can choose because there are many kinds of tattoos are available as your inspiration.

It could give you the spirit of doing all the things by considering about balance in this life. If you want to have the libra tattoos, just try to visit the tattoos center on your city soon or find the complete information about that in the internet. You can have the libra tattoos on your skin and gain your confidence at the same time. The scales symbols on libra tattoos are great. Make something great to be on your skin and show people that you are libra.

Monday, October 31, 2011

White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos are a great example of how body art is becoming more unique. These interesting tats are much different than your traditional tattoo. Knowing the differences with this type of tat and considering possible designs can help you decide if it's right for you.

Understanding White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos do not follow the usual tattoo process of stenciling and outlining in black. Instead, the tattoo itself is completely done with white ink, leaving a ghostly image that looks quite different from a traditional tattoo. These tattoos can look like brands (or scarification), or they can appear to be very subtle. This can be a good alternative for someone who wants a tattoo but can't have obvious body art in their work environment. The white ink used for tattoos is not the same ink you might have seen used for mixing shades in a color tat. Instead, it is a thicker, high quality white ink that is specially made to stand out on its own.

A stencil can be used with a white ink tat, or the tattoo can be done freehand. If a stencil is used, the artist must be careful to make sure the ink from the stencil does not mix with the white ink being used - this can dull the brightness of the ink. Also, white tattoos can require several passes over the area to make sure the white ink sinks fully into the skin. White is not as likely to be absorbed by skin as black or colored inks.

Issues with White Ink

While tats done with white ink are gaining in popularity, some issues still need to be worked out with this type of tattoo. Many people, especially those with darker skin tones, cannot absorb enough of the white ink for it to appear brightly on their skin. Other issues include

Skin Reactions

Some individuals may also find they have a reaction to the white ink. This is much more common than a reaction to black tattoo ink. In some cases, the white ink areas swell, itch and may even ooze from the tattoo. This can be a sign that your skin is actually rejecting the white ink, and you may end up with no tattoo in that area as a result.


Another issue with white tattoos is that they are not ideal for areas of the body that will be exposed to the sun and weather elements. Harsh household chemicals can also damage a white tat. White ink can turn quite dull if frequently exposed to the sun, so it's important to choose an area that will be covered when outdoors such as your chest, back or even the underside of your arm. White ink is not a good idea for hand tattoos or tats in other exposed places.

White Tattoo Design Ideas

What sort of tattoo looks good in white ink? Simple designs are easier for the artist to ink and less likely to have complications. Feminine designs look great in white and appeal to women of all ages and backgrounds. Since tattoos are permanent, choose wisely and think about your decision until you are completely confident with your choice.

For a white tat, consider popular designs such as:

  • Hearts
  • Flowers
  • Stars
  • Spirals
  • Tribal or Celtic patterns
For something more personal, consider ideas such as:
  • Words or phrases
  • Name
  • Initials
  • Date
  • Angel wings
  • Meaningful symbol

Celebrity Tats

Lindsay Lohan is one celebrity who wears a small white ink tat on the inside of her wrist that says Breathe. Another celebrity who has a tattoo done in white is Kate Moss. Her tattoo is a series of white hearts running up the side of her body.

Make a Personal Statement

Getting a white-colored tattoo can be a good way to have a tattoo that's special to you. Since they are not easy to spot, they will most likely only be seen by those that you show. This meaningful tat can be a statement of your personal mantra, or simply reflect your unique personality.