Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maori Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Tattoo is a form of body art that has been practiced by different cultures since ages. It is done by piercing the skin with a sharp object that has been dipped in ink or dye. The art of Maori tattoos came into existence in New Zealand. It was bought by the Maori tribe who were inhabitants of Eastern Polynesia. In the year 1769, Captain James Cook along with the naturalist first saw the Maori tattoos while they were on a voyage to the South Pacific. They were really fascinated with the intricate designs and were quite intrigued by it. The fascination continues as people in modern times still continue to wear them. Some of the best Maori tattoo designs have been listed in the following paragraphs.

 Shell Maori Tattoo:

In Maori tattoo designs, some of the most common symbols used are shells, especially the turtle shell. The turtle is a very important sea creature and holds great significance among the Maoris. It has much more meaning as compared to other symbols and is a great idea for a tattoo design. 

Marquesas Cross Maori Tattoo:

The Marquesas Cross is a popular Maori symbol. It carries great significance and tries to identify the balance between elements and harmony. Some archaeological studies also say that the cross is connected to the turtle shell. However, we must not overlook the beauty of this tattoo. It really looks stunning on the skin and gives you an ethnic and traditional look.

Sun Maori Tattoo:

The Sun Maori tattoo represents richness, leadership and brilliance. It is considered to be a source of brightness, natural wealth and nourishment. The sun tattoo is very dynamic to look. It gives you a very bold and strong appearance. It can be worn on any part of the body.

Spear Head Maori Tattoo:

The Spear Head Maori tattoo stands as a symbol of courage, wisdom and strength. It tries to express the image of a warrior and his great skills. The tattoo has very intricate designs and every line could stand as a symbol for something. It is very innovative and unique in appearance.

Human Symbol Maori Tattoo:

“Enata” is a Polynesian word which means humans or God. It represents life, birth and experiences. Sometimes it is also used to express relationships such as marriage, friends and relatives. However a reversed enata could symbolize the presence of an enemy. Different designs and choices are available for those who would want one specific design. 

Ocean Maori Tattoo:

Ocean Maori tattoos are very common. Some understand oceans as a symbol of death or the world beyond it. There are various patterns and designs available to choose from and people have really liked the idea as it makes your tattoo look strikingly amazing.

Lizard Maori Tattoo:

In Polynesian culture, lizards or geckos represent a God like figure. It is a very important part of Polynesian beliefs and ideals. They are known to guard all kinds of diseases and misfortunes and delivering people from enemies. The lizard tattoos are indeed very unique and creative in appearance.

Shark Teeth Maori Tattoo:

Shark Teeth is an important fish symbol among Polynesian tattoos. They stand as a representation of guidance, courage, strength and power and look stylish and trendy on the skin. 

Flower Maori Tattoo:

The flower Maori tattoo is very pretty to look at. It contains the image of a beautiful flower surrounded by tribal patterns. It is gorgeous in appearance and is best suited for women. It is worn mostly on the hip.