Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Popular Tattoo Shirt Designs

Popular Tattoo Shirt Designs
A shirt that makes it appear that your complete upper body is tattooed? If you don’t have the guts or desire to actually get fully tattooed, what makes you think that you need or want to appear as though you are? Still, as a gift for that holier than thou friend it may be perfect.

Americans have always had a unique style of their own which is apparent in today's tattoos. Sleeves incorporates old ideas and uses new techniques with their tattoo clothing to bring you bold, vibrant designs in this form of full color body art.

Full Body Shirt

Sleeves Clothing original design inspired by Sailor Jerry. This full print style can be worn as a beautiful mesh shirt or give the illusion of tattoo body art. Created out of the softest mesh material the full body shirt can make you feel bold and daring!

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