Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lion Tattoo Designs

At present, lion tattoos are in a big demand. Lion tattoos shows that you are a fearless person.

Those persons who placed a lion tattoo on the part of their body are supposed that they have the capability to face any difficulty of life.

They love to play with new troubles. Lion is a mammal and mostly found in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Loins mostly live a life of about 10-14 years and at the max some lions live up to 20 years. Lion is an animal that is related with many cultures and civilizations.

Lion is a symbol of power. In many cultures, it is used to represent Royalty. People also call Lion as the “King of the Beasts”.

In some architectural buildings, and also in various temples, stone lions can be seen easily. In many culture Lion is a symbol of a maker and destroyer. It is very hard for a hunter to kill a lion.

Lion signifies pride, rule, success, stamina, royal authority, wiliness, strength, bravery, fairness and protection. Persons who have such type of qualities go for a lion tattoo.

Lion appears in the National Flags of many civilizations. In past, there are lots of lions available on this earth.

At present, due to hunting or some more reasons, only a small number ob lions are available. A lion either it is male or female, have his sound hear at a distance of 8 km.

Lions are mostly seen in woodlands, grasslands, dense brush and open places. Lions can easily kill buffaloes, rhinos, hippos, giraffes many other carnivores.

Lions like lots of touching, licking, head rubbing and purring. About the behavior of lions, they like to work in a group. Lions can easily live without drinking water for about four to five days.

Lion is a great animal. In a lion’s group there are more female lions as compared to male lions.

Male lion has short even furs. Its fur color is Grey or reddish brown. Its undersides are mostly white in color. Its tail tip is either of black color or dark brown color.

Lion tattoos are still on a progressing stage. About 20 years ago. People start to pay attention towards Lion tattoo. Lion is a very wild animal and it also kills human beings very easily.

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